Tutorial, Tutorial, Where for art thou Tutorial!

First week back at university has been and gone. This terms unit consists of creating a brand and products and selling them! I can safely say I was very hyped for this as my dream is to create my own little fashion shop. What better way to practise then creating a brand and opening a small on-line shop, selling t-shirts I have designed myself. As you are all aware already, I enjoy creating fashion illustrators using Photoshop  Slowly but surely, I am getting better at it with the help of on-line tutorials. This one is one of my favourites as it gave me some great tips on how to shade.

I have started my T-shirt unit by releasing a survey with a few questions just to get a feel for the type of things people are looking for in a T-shirt. after all it is them that will be spending there hard earned money on it and wearing it.