Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat!

Variation On My Design

Variation On My Design
FashionDesign_1, a photo by Esquerade on Flickr.

Seeing As People liked my doctor who design, I wanted to show you some previous designs I had come up with during College, As I was doing a textile course, I have created a skirt fabric made of a mixture of a materials symbolising the many different themes in alice in wonderland, such as the Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee rhyme, Cards, Idea of time. I also creted images such as rabbits and hearts which I put onto the skirt fabric. I included a photo of my own fabric design in my Fashion design to show how it could be used and its over all look. This was also my first attempt at using photo shop and a mouse to create the computer design, hopefully I’ll be getting a graphics tablet soon!


Playing around with Photoshop!

So this was taking a photo, adding a background and other layers!

So we got taught the basics of Photoshop  such as using the clone tool, how to cut a person out and how to use layers. So I’m not the greatest Photoshop users, I’ve used it for a few years now for A level and just playing about. But I still can’t make my photo edits look realistic or my creations look realistic. My Alice in Wonderland designs, being probably the best of my Photoshop skills. So, anyway I’d thought I’d share with you what I created. Tips and tricks for using Photoshop would be most appreciated and any feedback!

How I feel Trying on a furry hat!