“There Are No Bad Photos, That’s Just How Your Face Looks Sometimes”

That quote is from Abraham Lincoln, and it made me laugh when I saw it. It’s true everyone complains about how they look in photos. But when you look back at photos, your’ll think of the moments rather then complain about how big your ears are. So I feel photos are the best way to portray things. For this unit, I had to design t-shirts and upload them to spreadshirt.com, I found this very fun and I’m going to keep my shop up and running, adding new collections each term.  My First Collection has been going well, and I figured a good thing to do is show people how good my t-shirts are. So I grabbed my brother, a budding young photographer, and got some snaps of my new t-shirts. Visual Advertising is so important in this world, especially in the fashion industry, if you don’t like how it looks then you won’t buy it.  I have now placed this pictures on my Facebook page and it seems to be working more people are looking at my stuff. Makes me proud, to see my first ever products being actually purchased and sold. I feel like my dreams of becoming a fashion designer are slowly and gradually coming true!  

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Pitt Rivers Museum

It Is a Treasure trove, full of beautiful artefacts, melting into the darkness of the large building. Every Glass Case is jammed full of trinkets and objects. I struggled at first, trying to find an item or idea to start from. I decided to grab a chair, which is a wonderful thing the museum does providing chairs that are easy to carry and place around so you can really sit down and take in the wonderful items. I then just started putting pencil to paper and drawing things that caught my eye. This really helped inspire me into choosing my theme for the “Melting Pot” unit. I then started to focus my work which became looking at sculptures with shells in them, then after coming across a beaded necklace made of shells, which lead me on to looking at beaded items. I love the textures the beads created, the beads themselves were smooth, small and delicate but together they create a strong, rough effect that really catches my eye. I took lots of photos and drawings which can be viewed on my flicker account.