Advice is a Form of Nostalgia

Manifesto – A Public Declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives.

They have the power to inspire feelings and thoughts into the reader/listener. If done well they can even change a persons life and actions.

My favorite Manifesto is and will always be “Sunscreen”(1999)  By Baz Luhrmann, ever since I first heard it around the age of six. I have slowly grown to understand more and more of it.  At six it was just a fun little tune, but with each year the words make more and more sense. My favorite part, “Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it, is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more then its worth”  Because its true. When ever we offer advice to our friends, we are always looking into our own experiences and what we did in similar situations. Even if it was something we didn’t think we had learned from or even if we had taken a wrong turn. We offer our experiences as advice. Our past is a very precious item as we look back with knowledge we wished we had when we were living the moments. But living is all about learning and making mistakes. If we knew what was going to happen through out an entire film, we wouldn’t enjoy watching it as much, But I think every one enjoys talking about a film after they’ve seen it.

With my Manifesto, I have to write for my capsule collection. I want to inspire my listeners and interest them, but I want it to be a personal caption of who I am as a designer.


Flown Led!

Flown Led Clothing

Have you ever felt inspired as you walk through the bright lights of New York City. Wanted to share to the world the beauty and excitement of the urban lifestyle. Well, the founders behind the Flown Led Clothing range have mastered that look. Taking inspiration from the bustling city’s throughout  the states, from L.A to Vegas. They show the feel and look of the city’s in there Autumn/Winter Collection. My favourite pieces of the collection are the:

We Never Sleep Sweatshirt, which represents the fast paced night life of the city, matched with the skyline of Manhattan.

We Never Sleep Sweatshirt By Flown Led

The Manhatten Arrows Tee, A white crew neck tee with fantastic imagery of Manhatten, broken up by strong arrows, showing the fantastic heights of the city towering to the sky.

Manhattan Arrows Tee By Flown Led

The Flown Led’s site perfectly shows of the brands style. Mixing British fashion with the style and inspiration of American cityscapes.  They show the time for both London and New York City in the corner, as one city sleeps one is busy and awake, which I feel matches perfectly with the “we never sleep” sweatshirt. Flown Led is becoming a fast popular, up and coming brand with new stockists and retailers joining the brand weekly.As well as, now being sold in France and Germany, and of course the UK.  They are also planning to release a women’s collection in the next year. Flown led has a fantastic Men’s collection and is sure to grow.

UK Based, Flown Led Clothing, to me show a perfect urban fashion, it takes the excitement of the states and brings it home, so we can experience America for ourselves. Flown Led manufacture in Europe offering high quality products, using the best quality cottons. Every season there’ll be bringing out more collections each inspired by famous city’s and landmarks.

I highly recommend you check out there website:

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The Melting Pot – Africa

After Looking at beaded items in the Pitt Rivers Museum, I have decided to research in particular the beaded products from Africa. I started my research by looking at a few books, “Africa – Arts And Cultures” Edited By John Mack and published in 2000, by British Museum Company Ltd. I found that most elaborately beaded items belonged to the kings of Africa. If any one was seen wearing elaborate beaded items, who were not of royalty were punished. In Particular, Yoruba people from Nigeria say “Irinisi Ni Isonilojo” Which means you are what you wear and that you wear what you are. Clothing is there to show the person behind the clothes. Also I found that the most significant item for a king to wear is the beaded crown, “ade ileke” There are two types, one used for public ceremonies and another used for court, The public headdress usually the more magnificent of the two.

19th Century Ade Ileke, From the book “Africa Arts And Culture”

Also the King would wear Beaded shoes outside of the palace, this is predicted to have come around during the 17th century as Kings, were required more and more to leave the palace and attend public ceremonies. I think these Items are all very beautiful and must of take a very long time to make, I love the colours that are vibrant but can be seen to be now rather dark due to age. I want to replicate this sense of authority and age in my own work.  I also looked at an older royal crown from the 15th Century, In Benin Nigeria. These were alot more basic compared to the 19th century and followed one colour scheme. This crown was made out of Coral, Agate and copper while the 19th century was made of Glass, Textile, Metal and cotton.  This list of materials clearly shows the difference in culture between places like England and Africa. English Kings were adorned with gold and jewels rather then coral and copper. Yet the African headdress’s seem more appealing and interesting to me, with there bright colours and imagery.

My sketchbook