Remember, Who you are!

I have been researching into the slave trade of Africans  and I came across a 6 part film series, all about a man named Kunta Kinte, and how he thought to be free, the film follows his bloodline.  It was wrote by a man named Alex Haley,  who had researched his own past after being told a story about a man being captured from Africa and he passed on his story so that his ancestors know were they had come from. I loved this film as it showed the true struggles of slaves, through there own eyes. It also shows how hard it was to keep your traditions and heritage, as american ways were forced upon Kunta Kinte including, changing his name, his language and even trying to change his religion. I think the beads in my work, should not only represent the chains but also the heritage and life they were stolen from. Each individual bead being a single memory, being held onto, to remain who you really are. 

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