But Baby, Its Cold outside!

Knitted Fashion Winter Trend 2012-13 Image From http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/trends/2012-13-autumn-winter/wool-rules

Many a night, I listened to Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews. Thanking my Dad for that one. But the words are true! Its getting cold outside. So, this brings up a new dilemma, What’s warm and on trend. Well after looking around the high-street and online. I have come to the conclusion! Its all about layers, faux fur and big knits! Lately I’ve been loving the woollen hats and scarf’s being put on display, being a lover of Doctor Who, I always want a long scarf so I can run round feeling like Tom Baker. Just me!?! Oh well! Not only are the scarf and hats knitted but there are also faux fur ones, and me being a 3 year old at heart, just crave the hats with the ears and the eyes! I find them so cute and couldn’t help but giggle when trying on a black fur hat with ears and an attached scarf with paws on the pockets. Cardigans and Jumpers, are in fashion this winter, they seem to be coming in all sorts of trends and styles. But me being a poor student and a bit of a fan for tradition, I think I’ll ask my nan very nicely if she can knit me something unique!

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