What Goes Around Comes Back Around

Fashion seems to go in circles, every one says when a new trend comes out, “these were out (insert year here)”. I believe this is true, Things do come back in and out of fashion because it is ever evolving and is influenced by many people. Such as this summers trend of ear cuffs, They may have been out early 90’s but it takes one person to still have that item from the 90’s and were it out and about today, to then be noticed by others, who like me will love them and want to know were to get them, Trawling the shops or the internet. I personally love ebay and charity shops and you can find some interesting unique items that isn’t being sold to the masses from your high street shops, and so you bring out your own style, which then other people will see and what themselves, and so more people look for the item which comes in demand and so are manufactured and sold in high street shops.

This is why I feel fashion will always be a circle. But it’s not a bad thing, on the contrary, because when they come out again, its not the same as ten years ago, the designs are different. The styles are developed to target a different market of people. Fashion is just like the circle of life. A new fashion trend is born, it is desired, adapted and becomes popular, then it may die out for the next new fashion trend. But its also like evolution. If for example a fashion trend does not do well, then it is not likely to come around again, like a mutation, if it benefits the survival of the animal it shall thrive and the species will survive, to adapt and change in the future. But if the mutation does not help the animal, then the animal will not be able to survive and breed. meaning the species will die out with the mutation, like an unsuccessful fashion trend, it more then likely wont come back or survive to develop in the future.

But I went shopping yesterday and found some wonderful, Ear cuffs in the high street, as I’d seen my classmates wearing them and fell in love with the style. I’m far to squmish to get another ear piercing but these are perfect to decorate your ears with out the pain of another ear piercing! Best of both worlds!,  I looked in Topshop, Debenhams, Claire’s and Accessorise. I noticed a particular trend, I felt like owls were every where, and skulls. These symbols were in necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Skulls also being found on scarfs and t-shirts. Although skulls have been fashionable many times before, Myself, still having a T-shirt, I bought a few years ago. But the style is still slightly different from my old top!

I love these looks, they remind me of a mythical world, something an elf might wear! Image from http://www.theentertainingelf.com/tag/ear-cuffs/

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