Pitt Rivers Museum

It Is a Treasure trove, full of beautiful artefacts, melting into the darkness of the large building. Every Glass Case is jammed full of trinkets and objects. I struggled at first, trying to find an item or idea to start from. I decided to grab a chair, which is a wonderful thing the museum does providing chairs that are easy to carry and place around so you can really sit down and take in the wonderful items. I then just started putting pencil to paper and drawing things that caught my eye. This really helped inspire me into choosing my theme for the “Melting Pot” unit. I then started to focus my work which became looking at sculptures with shells in them, then after coming across a beaded necklace made of shells, which lead me on to looking at beaded items. I love the textures the beads created, the beads themselves were smooth, small and delicate but together they create a strong, rough effect that really catches my eye. I took lots of photos and drawings which can be viewed on my flicker account.

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